One of African’s greatest attractions is the combination of urban life and natural wilderness. To make the utmost use of the great possibilities in this field, RATPANAT LUXURY & ADVENTURE will present its new routes for 2018 at FITUR with the aim of showing travellers more about places on the continent.

The business will give details at the Trade Show on a new route running across South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, visiting the top sights in Cape Town, Kruger Park, Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park, combined with the best safaris and lodgings in the region. “It’s a perfect blend of nature, wildlife and city aimed at those who are more city-dwellers. In addition, we have more new offers, with new routes to Ethiopia, Morocco, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

RATPANAT LUXURY & ADVENTURE is a fully sustainable company. “It makes up part of our philosophy and our way of doing things. Our fields are 100% sustainable, fed on solar energy. Furthermore we currently have several initiatives underway on sustainability matters.”


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