From 2015 to 2021, connected devices will grow by 23% per year worldwide, according to a study in the industry. In this context, MOVILOK, a Spanish provider of mobile interaction technologies, will present an improved version of Showcases at FITUR, their interactive exhibitor solution especially tailored for touristic establishments, to facilitate interaction with other devices in the area that are connected to the Internet using the mobile phone but without having to install another application.

The Showcases technology turns any screen at the establishment into an interactive experience accessed by the tourist’s own mobile phone, which acts as a remote control for the display. Showcases automatically detects the language of the cell phone to then display the available contents in that language.

For the hotel industry specifically, MOVILOK has recently added 5 new features to its solution that make the customer’s experience much more complete. These are connection to the booking system of serviced offered by the hotel (e.g., spa, hair salon, restaurant, massages, etc.) connection to the establishment’s WiFi service by reading a QR code, connection to the video-call service to communicate with the front desk, a platform of downloadable coupons with specials on services from the hotel or associated establishments and connection to room service to place orders.

All these new services appear on the TV screen in each guest room at the hotel as a point of display and are user accessible by your mobile phone, which acts as a point of interaction and operation. Movilok offers these services either as stand-alones or as part of the hotel’s own management systems.


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