Tourism in Africa increased by 9% in 2016, thanks to growth in the north of the continent and the favourable figures from Sub-Saharan countries. The perspectives from 2017 were also positive, and will be again in 2018, a year when KANANGA will bring improved itineraries to FITUR, ranging from the addition of new activities to a fresh approach to the route in order to offer several modalities of accommodation, for example. The business will also present new combined itineraries so as to broaden their offer and encompass more destinations on the continent.

As KANANGA points out, “we always prioritize accommodations that stand out for their exceptional location, and this normally involves having an environmental awareness that makes them actively responsible for conservation of the environment and its flora and fauna, and therefore, of our travellers as well”.

In addition, “the possibility of taking our customers into Eastern Africa, to visit our accommodations located in Masai Mara and Serengeti N.P., thanks to the 360 degrees tours, is one of the technological improvements we implemented a year ago and are still a very useful tool for promoting our facilities, as well as great fun for any travellers who come visit our stand.”


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