Hotel guests are increasingly reluctant to download new apps to their mobile phone, a trend made clear in several different studies of the industry. Along this line, STAY brings to FITUR their latest offers and options for attending to and improving on the guest experience without the user having to download an app. It involves their chatbot and their progressive web app (PWA).

Since its inception 7 years ago, STAY has developed instruments to connect guest and hotel efficiently using every possible way offered by hospitality tech while enhancing the guest experience. “At first, we started developing mobile applications with solutions for hotels that could perform different requests and processes, notify of incidents and access services, bookings, check-in, etc.”, as company staff points out. “However, we then found that users were increasingly reluctant to download a new app to their phone when they reached the hotel. We wondered how to overcome that problem, which had become a friction for traditional apps, and we began looking for new formulas that avoided the need to download new items, something the guests were not willing to do.”

Along this line, “last year at FITUR we presented our chatbot, a tool whose use will multiply in the upcoming years in every area and has great potential for the hotel industry. The bot does not require any download because it is integrated in the messaging applications that the guest normally uses. Specifically, our chatbot is built into Facebook Messenger, which facilitates the service permanently and automatically.”

This year, “we are taking another major step by premiering something else at FITUR: our progressive web app (PWA), a solution that complements and enhances the guest experience, since it has the usability of an app but does not require downloading anything. The purpose is to offer our solution through different windows that do not need the user to download anything, trying to make it easy for hotels to provide this service and interact taking into account the guest’s own preferences.”


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