In recent years wine tourism (enoturismo) has increased its attraction for travellers, an evolution that is not only seen in the number of people travelling for this reason and visiting the wineries throughout Spain, but also in the amount these people spend in them. The average amount spent by wine tourists in Spain is €397.83, according to an industry study, which translates into €156.6 per day, because these trips usually last around 2.65 days at the destination, generally over weekends.

In this type of trips, wines, wineries and gastronomy play a major role in visitors’ choices, as they also take very much into account the prestige of the wine region they are travelling to.

A large number of autonomous communities and territories present at FITUR will have their own gastronomy and wine tourism proposals, among these are communities such as LA RIOJA, associations such as ENOTURISMO DE ESPAÑA, ASOCIACIÓN DE LAS EMPRESAS DE VINO DE OPORTO (AEVP) or establishments such as HOTEL ARZUAGA, MESON CUEVAS DEL VINO, etc.