• “Technology has arrived in the tourism industry for good, to make company management easier”
  • “In tourism, sustainability should no longer be a slogan, it must become a global commitment”
  • “FITUR is a fundamental meeting point with our readers, advertisers and sources of information”

What would you say are the main attractions of the tourism industry?

Its ongoing evolution, the constant movement of a global industry that overcomes challenges every day, faces uncertainties and connects millions of people from different cultures, languages, religions and world views. Tourism is a huge global industry, companies, destinations and people know this and, in spite of the difficulties and threats, nobody is willing to give up travelling.

What is the main challenge in the media industry?

Being able to offer readers, who are tourism industry professionals, the exact and precise information they need to perform better in their daily work and to make the best decisions. This entails technological evolution of our platforms, ongoing training of our team of journalists… and doing this sustainably, economically and strategically.

What is your best tool to achieve this goal?

Information that is true, serious and engaged is our greatest tool, and the best tool for industry professionals. Our goal is to train and inform the executives, entrepreneurs, employees of the tourism industry, so that they can become better professionals and better manage their companies, based on sustainable growth that will not leave people out, which would be incomprehensible in the hospitality industry.

In your opinion, what is the role of technology regarding tourism?

As in all areas of life, technology has arrived in tourism to stay, and to make it easier to manage companies, promote destinations and for tourists to travel. It is a challenge, and a very important change, but the advantage is that it makes possible what only a few years ago was unthinkable, and this ensures ongoing change and a constant need for adaptation.

And how do the environment and sustainability fit into this picture?

In tourism, sustainability should no longer be a slogan or a marketing concept, it must become a global commitment, for companies, destinations and travellers.

How do you think that a fair such as FITUR can contribute to promoting activity in your industry?

For HOSTELTUR it is a fundamental meeting point with our readers, our advertisers and our sources of information; with our friends in general, whom we turn to week after week asking them for their opinions, assessments, data, graphs, support, trust… To visit their stands and receive them in ours is a way of thanking them for their trust and to reaffirm our desire to continue being of use to them in their day to day activities.