• “At FITUR, Panama will feature its adventure and nature destinations, and we will present World Youth Day”
  • “Green tourism and monumental and religious heritage have great appeal to the European tourist”
  •  “We’ll show experiences tied to nature, extreme sports, history and heritage, native cultures, beaches and gastronomy”

Nature is key in Panama, a country where 40% are protected areas. What does this natural wealth mean for tourism in the country?

It is one of the main attractions in our country, and a treasure worth discovering for Spanish and European tourist, who will find our country to be a sanctuary of biodiversity unique in the world, with the largest variety of flora and fauna in Latin America: we are home to over a thousand species of birds and have more plant species than all of Europe.

The creation of sustainable spaces for tourism, part of Panama’s policy for managing and promoting tourism, contributes decisively not only to an increase in travellers but also as driving forces for protecting cultural identity and natural heritage, and for ensuring the redistribution of the wealth that tourism produces in Panama.

You also have one of the largest coral reefs in the East Pacific. How does this influence tourism segments such as diving, adventure, etc.?

One of the advantages of visiting Panama for lovers of the sea and aquatic sports is that they can discover different villages, beaches and islands by travelling only short distances, marked by the uniqueness of wild coasts open to the Pacific and the calm, warm waters of the Caribbean coastline.

The Pacific offers a perfect setting for lovers of sport fishing, surfing and kitesurfing, diving, kayaking, and whale, dolphin and turtle spotting; and the Caribbean is a paradise of desert beaches and coral reefs, with marine reserves for spotting dolphins and turtles, diving or swimming with colourful fish.

What are your main offers at FITUR?

At FITUR 2018 Panama will feature its adventure and nature destinations, one of our main attractions, and we will also present “World Youth Day”, which will take place in our country in 2019 and is one of the most multitudinous and important religious events in Catholicism, presided by Pope Francis I.

Panama has a rich religious cultural heritage that makes up the historical legacy of the faith that reached dry land through our isthmus, with the first diocese in 1513, of great interest to tourism with religious motivations. The Old Panama City Centre is very representative of Spanish colonialism, with churches, convents, plazas and buildings from the 17th century forming a sightseeing circuit at several destinations in Panama.

What other attractions and experiences will you be showcasing at the Fair?

Green tourism and the monumental and religious heritage of Panama are attractions of great interest to the European tourist who appreciates the connectivity of the capital with other places of interest such as the Canal, the colonial sites and the natural parks such as Metropolitano, Camino de Cruces and Soberanía.

Thus, we’ll be going to FITUR to showcase one-of-a-kind experiences connected to nature, extreme sports, history and heritage, native cultures, beaches and gastronomy, in line with our campaign “Panama is for explorers, not for tourists” in our international promotion of the destination in digital media.