The exhibitors in all segments of the International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2018, confirmed their satisfaction with the attendance and quality of the professionals, the promotion of destinations and companies, and the increase in agreements and business opportunities recorded during the Fair.

These are some of the accounts of new business and projects, and participants’ opinions.


Alejandra Monje, director of the INDIA stand, made a very positive assessment of their presence at FITUR. “INDIA’s participation as a FITUR partner this year was quite notable, with an increase in the number of visitors and professionals regarding other years. We saw an increase in visits by professionals, and we held close to 1,000 business meetings in total, with participation of the 33 companies from India that were at our stand. We have made many contacts with tour operators, travel agencies, airlines and services companies. We also had the pleasure of the company of the Indian Ambassador in Spain and other high-ranking Indian representatives.


Gang Liu, stand director, said that: “We held meetings with a large number of professionals. We shared our stand with various companies from China, among these were 3 airlines, 3 travel agencies, etc. We held around 100 meetings every day, and we were also visited by journalists who were interested in what we have to offer and our proposals”


Mateo Fernández, stand director, said that “the 80 tables we had hosted over 500 meetings with professionals, especially with tour operators and travel agencies from all markets, mainly Spain, Europe and America. The Portuguese Minister of Economy and the Secretary of State for Tourism were also in attendance at the stand. We especially highlight our participation in all of the meetings on wine-tourism held at the Fair”.


Fotini Karapapa, director of the stand, highlighted Greece’s commitment to FITUR: “we had the Greek Minister of Tourism at our stand, who also established a close collaboration with the UNWTO and met with the Minister of Tourism of Cuba, Lebanon and other countries. The stand was also visited by numerous professionals and general public, we held many meetings with travel agencies, services companies, tour operators, airlines, etc. There were marketing meetings and the press showed a high degree of interest in what we have to offer”.


Jan Van de Meerssche, director of Visit Flanders, explained: “From the outset of the Fair we received a large number of visitors and professionals, and held numerous meetings. We had 16 partner companies at our stand, who held hundreds of scheduled and prepared meetings. The stand was visible at all times and we increased contacts with travel agencies, OTAs, specialised media, airlines and potential partners”.


Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism, said: “This is our fifth year, we are making progress. Belize’s problem is connectivity with flights from Europe, and thanks to the contacts we established at FITUR, we have new agreements that will improve connectivity, with increasingly less stopovers”.

Latin America


Ricardo Cox, Vice-Minister of Tourism, pointed out: “After a 4-year absence, mainly because it coincides with the Rally Dakar, this year we made an effort to attend a fair that we consider our home, and which is undoubtedly essential for tourism affairs. Everything that we take away from our presence at the fair is positive”.


Javiera Montes, Minister of Tourism, said: “The aim is to increase our commercial relations with industry companies, and to show the public the wonders of our country”.


Julián Guerrero, Vice-President for Tourism at ProColombia, explained: “We have the best relationship with FITUR. We are strategic partners and we aim for an increasingly larger presence. We have expanded to other halls such as FITUR LGTB and FITUR Festivals”.

Costa Rica

Alejandro Castro, Deputy manager and Marketing Director for the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, stated that: “The fair was enormously beneficial. The Spanish market is constantly growing, better than last year. FITUR is a good summary of how the year is going to go, and it has provided us with very good expectations”.


Enrique Ponce de León, Minister of Tourism, said: “My first official trip as minister was to Spain, and to IFEMA. It was inconceivable for us not to attend one of the world’s most important tourism fairs, therefore we wished to start out 2018 on a good note by attending”.

El Salvador

Napoleón Duarte, Minister of Tourism, said: “FITUR is a very interesting fair, very cross-sectional and representative of the countries that participate. It allows us to see how the industry is doing in other countries, and to collaborate with the 165 participants, directly”.


Lourdes Maldonado, Guatemala’s market director, declared: “This edition was better than last year’s, which shows that the industry is still growing. Our companies and entrepreneurs are very satisfied with the meetings that they have held”.


Interview with Michelle Paredes, Sub-director of Tourism, who said: “FITUR is extremely important for Central America, it helps us to promote ourselves and to rank in sectors such as multi-destination. We know that it will be a very successful fair, and therefore we attend every year”.



Mireya Gil, General Director of the Mexico Tourism Promotion Board for Spain, said: “It was a success. We held top-level meetings, and the fair proves that tourism is growing world-wide, sustainably”.


Carlos Midence, Ambassador, said that FITUR is one of the world’s main fairs, because it connects the Spanish-speaking world. This is a focus point where a multitude of entrepreneurs meet to bring investments to Nicaragua.


Gustavo Him, Minister of Tourism, said that every time that they attend, FITUR brings them results with Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Airlines and cruises because all of the business opportunities are gathered here.


Marcela Bacigalupo, Minister of Tourism, said: “We believe that FITUR is an essential fair within the international tourism framework. Thanks to FITUR we closed huge agreements, for example with the airline Air Europa. This is a continuously expanding fair, that provides a large amount of business relations.

Quito (Ecuador)

Verónica Sevilla, Manager of Quito Turismo, said: “This is a very productive and important fair. “We have close relations with Spain, and we are happy to be back at FITUR”.


Lilian Kechichian, Minister of Tourism, declared: “This fair provides us with many positive things. Latin America is still a great unknown in world tourism, and this fair is a great opportunity for us to make ourselves known”.

CATA, Central American Tourism Promotion Agency

Carolina Briones, director of CATA, said that: “Spain is one of the main markets for Central America. It is the number 1 market, Spanish wholesalers are the ones who most strongly market the product, therefore it is essential for us to attend FITUR. We must continue to make the efforts to come to the Fair and for each country to show all that they have to offer”.