• Professional attendance also set a record, with 140,120 accredited professionals from around the world; companies, with over 10,000 from 165 countries; and occupation, with 65,000 m2 of exhibition stands.
  • The Fair’s largest increase was in international participation (54% of the total), which increased by 13%, led by Africa (21%), Asia-Pacific (19%) and Europe (15%).
  • The extensive business meeting agenda reinforces FITUR’s position as the leading worldwide business forum in the tourism industry, with over 6,800 B2B meetings scheduled with international purchasers and over 38,000 appointments requested on the digital agenda. All of these were organised by FITUR, to which we must add the thousands of bilateral meetings held at the stands themselves.
  • FITUR’s economic impact on Madrid also increased to 260 million, with hotels fully booked and over 200 thousand evening outings, amounting to 14.2 million.

The International Tourism Fair of Madrid, organised by IFEMA from the 17th to the 21st of January, closed its 38th edition with the best figures of its history, and confirming its leadership as business forum for the worldwide tourism industry.

At a time when the figures in the tourism industry in Spain and worldwide are also at their best, the balance of FITUR, which once again was inaugurated at IFEMA by the King and Queen of Spain and brought together over 600 ministers, ambassadors and high-level representatives from around the world, finalised having received around 251,000 participants, a growth of around 2.5% compared to 2017. Especially notable was the growth of professional attendance, as during the first three days it received 140,120 professionals from around the world, a 3% increase, as well as over 7,700 journalists from 59 countries, who covered the entire Fair’s information. This movement of people led to an economic impact for the city of €260 million and 200,000 evening outings promoted by Festitur and generating €14.2 million.

Especially notable were the business activities and international operations that took place at FITUR during its professional days. The agenda organised by the Fair alone, with its International Purchaser program, led to over 6,800 business meetings, in addition to the over 38,000 appointments requested on the website, and thousands of bilateral meetings that took place in the many stands.

FITUR, more international than ever

The highest growth was in international participation, with a 13% increase and a quota of 54% of the total, led by Africa, with a 21% growth, Asia-Pacific at 19% and Europe at 15%.

This growth was also mirrored in the net surface area of the exhibition, which exceeded 65,000 m2, a 5% increase, as well as in the total number of stands, 816, an 8% increase and in the total number of participating companies and organisations, which this year exceeded 10,000, from 165 countries.